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Video Poker Game

There is no doubt that Video Poker game appears to be one of the captivating and entertaining online casino games. Moreover, it must be noticed that Video Poker is known to be a hybrid of poker and slots. Consequently, it is sure to have practically the same purpose and rules.

Video Poker Rules


As in any gambling game, a casino player should place a wager before starting to play a game round in Video Poker. Of course, the amount of your stake has impact on the sum of your payouts. In other words, the more you wager, the more the payouts turn out to be.

After you have put your stake, you should hit "Deal" button. Then, you are handed out 5 cards, which seem to be selected automatically by random number generator.

Moreover, it should be noted that you have a possibility to select and keep the cards, which you consider to be useful for you. It can be done by utilizing the so-called "Hold" button. Afterwards, you will be given the new cards, which will remove all the rest of the cards.

As far as the aim of Video Poker game is concerned, it is considered to be rather clear and elementary. In fact, to succeed in this game you should collect the strong combination of cards. Virtually, the stronger hand you get, the more money you will be paid out.

Winning Hands in Video Poker

Here is a list of winning combinations of cards in Video Poker:

  • Five of a Kind - a combination of 5 cards, which appear to have identical rank (one of the cards is sure to be wild).
  • Royal Flash - a combination of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. All of the cards should be of identical suit.
  • Four of a Kind - a combination of 4 cards, which appear to have identical rank.
  • Full House - a combination of 2 cards, which are of identical rank, with 3 cards, which happen to have identical rank as well.
  • Flush - a hand of 5 cards in a raw, which have identical suit.
  • Straight - a hand of 5 cards in a raw. The suit is not taken into consideration.
  • Three of a kind - a combination of tree cards, which happen to be of identical rank.
  • Two Pair
  • Pair - a combination of cards, which are of identical rank.