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Video Poker Tips

Video poker happens to be a perfect mix of two highly exciting games today - slots and poker - and because of this, its appeal can easily be understood. To win more when it comes down to video poker, here are some top tips.

General Gaming Tips

  1. One vital tip for video poker would be to become familiar with the various game versions out there. Some players mistakenly assume that every video poker game is the same, along with their rules. You should know that a lot of video poker variants actually exist, each of which have their own conditions, rules and payouts. So, although you don't need to know every variant's rules, you need to at least know what make them different and what you need to search for when picking your video poker game.
  2. Another mistake that some players make would be to jump into an expensive session of video poker without actually thinking about things first. It may be true that video poker holds high game odds within the industry. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have to lose all of your money at once. One vital tip for video poker would therefore be to stay with low bets to get used to the machine and the patterns of betting first. In fact, play only on machines with low denominations, in general, until you get better. By approaching each session of gambling with the utmost caution and patience, your cash will end up lasting much longer, in general.
  3. Now, several machines of video poker come with progressive jackpots. When playing on such machines, you need to ensure that you play the highest coin amount possible in order to get the highest payout, in case you get lucky with a hand of royal flush.
  4. Although you might not know this, the Jack happens to be the card with the most importance when it comes to the majority of video poker variants out there. So, if you ever have to choose between getting an Ace or a Jack in your hand, you should hold your Jack since more winning hands tend to come out with it.
  5. Lastly, although one of the top tips stated to become familiar with various variations of the game, it would be highly advisable to stick to a maximum of two video poker variants as more time goes by, so you can get very good at each of them. Although it might be tempting to play at various types of machines, it would be far more rewarding in the long run for you to become a professional at just one. After knowing the game very well, however, feel free to move on.