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Slots Tips

Start with machines that have low denominations like nickel and slot machines, so that you get to learn how slot machines and games work without losing stakes too quickly. Try to pick slot machines with three reels, as well. Although it might seem like your chances are better when there are four reels on a machine, the truth is the complete opposite: your chances go down by millions when it comes to four-reel machines.


Slot machines that stand in high-traffic areas can be expected to have more frequent payouts. Choosing machines that are located in more observable casino areas like walkway boundaries or near the door tend to be "loose". Avoid slot machines that stand in airports and bus stations, though, because hardly of them ever payout and are strongly programmed. Play your slots through tiny jackpots, too. As striking as Megabucks Jackpots with millions to offer may be, you will have to work harder to get payouts there. Conversely, slot machines with small jackpots payout more often.

Playing Smart

  • When the payouts are extremely high, always play the maximum among of coins possible on each turn. Several machines give back 1,000 coins for a single coin bet, but they may payout 5,000 for three coins. Bets like these are one way to get more money. Bring a certain amount of money with you and stop when you lose all of it. Although you might not win huge consistently, you can avoid losing a lot by putting regimented approaches to use. Breathe every now and then. Some players suggest dividing your cash and simply playing in hourly sessions. To do this, just split your first stake into session series of coins.
  • Other players suggest relaxing after a huge win. Some players tend to lose all control and all of their money when they feel lucky. Also, play one machine each time. Some players tend to consistently "load up" various machines at once, but truthfully, there are more chances of you losing money faster that way. Several players believe that there is a machine in one row that is "loose", as well, and that any ones next to it will be tight. Bring a watch at all times, too. Losing track of what the time is can lose you more money in the long run.
  • Reading the machine's pay table can help you evaluate how frequent the machine brings out a winner, too. If you ever see various blends, which revisit small wins, that means the machine will usually have higher hit frequencies compared to those with fewer winning blends, which pay out bigger winners - keep that in mind.