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Craps basics aren't hard to learn within a short period of time. The majority of brand new players of craps tend to get stressed out due to the "bottom", which refers to the table's actual playing surface. A quick look at what craps tables look like, and it will be easy to understand why beginners get sweaty palms, fast heart rates, and ton of lost money because of it - though this can also be attributed to the fact that they simply failed to understand how craps betting works.

Do not worry, though. If you get to learn how craps works prior to throwing up, the casino odds of robbing you of all of your money will go down significantly. Craps games provide several great casino bets, though, and because of this - congratulations: you can earn money with ease.

What is the Bottom?

The bottom of the table simply refers to an area where players throw the dice and make bets on each decision's result - or the dice's total that comes out after every roll. Keep in mind that craps involves playing with two dice with six sides each, so the number result could potentially stand anywhere between 2 and 12.

The table of craps is full of felt printed with a certain diagram that shows the different spaces for different bet types. A middle section also exists where one roll and hard bets are placed. The table's ends have individual sections, as well, for Pass Line, Place, Come, and Field, among other available bets. The table ends also happen to be complete mirror images.

How to Play

After approaching a craps table, step in an open slot. Do not worry about getting on somebody's taken place. The dice shooter refers to the player that rolls the dice to bring a decision about. The dice get thrown by hitting the table end's back wall opposite the actual shooter. Each player will take turns shooting, with the turns moving clockwise on the table. As a brand new shooter takes his turn, the person with the stick will push several dice sets up to the shooter, making him choose the pair to use during play - it's as simple as that.