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Online Blackjack

Sure thing, it goes without saying that playing blackjack may turn out to be extremely entertaining and breathtaking activity. But for this, you should know every blackjack rule, basic moves and tips in this gambling game.

How to Play Blackjack


Like baccarat and Video Poker, blackjack turns out to be a card game. Commonly, blackjack is played with 1 to 8 packs of cards. The dealer is known to shuffle the cards and hand out 2 of them to each gambler. Besides, it should be noted that one of the dealer's cards is sure to be opened to everyone.

Actually, this card turns out to be of substantial importance for the game, as a good deal of strategies is known to be based upon it. It must be mentioned that this card is usually referred to as the up card.

As far as the goal of blackjack is concerned, some gamblers may misunderstand it. In fact, to win a game round, a player should gain more points than the dealer. On the other hand, he should not exceed 21 points, as in this case he is likely to bust. In other words, he will lose at once and the dealer's points will not be taken into consideration.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that if a gambler gains 21 points, it means that he gets a blackjack. In such a case, he is sure to win a game unless the dealer happens to have a blackjack as well. The latter gambling situation is known as a tie. If a tie occurs, the gamblers are returned their initial wagers.

Basic Moves in Blackjack

Hit - a gambler is supposed to ask the dealer to provide him with one more card.

Stand - if a player is completely satisfied with the current situation concerning his cards, he may omit his turn.

Split - if a gambler happens to have a pair of identical cards, he may decide to play with two hands at a time. In this case, every card from a pair draws another card from a deck. Besides, a gambler should double his stake if he is going to make this move.

Surrender - a gambler can make this move if he supposes he will certainly lose. In fact, if a player happens to surrender, he saves the half of his wager.